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Composting 101/Day in the Dirt

Learn the art and science of composting with Tanvi Lad, Soil Cycle’s top agroecology geek. This class covers basics principles and practical tips, including:

  • What's the correct ratio of "browns" to "greens"?

  • How often should I turn/water the pile?

  • What if it stinks?

After class is an experiential activity, where we’ll go into the garden to touch soil, move piles and develop our personal practices in composting. (Physical labor is optional; all abilities welcome.) Composting 101 is free for Soil Cycle members; suggested donation of $5 for non-members. Please RSVP to our Facebook event, so we can estimate turnout.

Upcoming dates: May 25 and June 22

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DIY Vermicomposting - Build your own worm bin

Worms are the best little sidekicks when it comes to composting at home. They eat up your food scraps and poop out a potent soil amendment (worm castings!) all while living in a discrete bin under your kitchen counter. We recommend this method - called vermicomposting - to folks who live in spaces with limited or no access to a backyard. Learn how to tend your worm bin, then go through a mini-production line, fashioning your very own to take home after class. A $20 fee covers worms and bin supplies.

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