CSFR strives to cultivates healthy community by way of a healthy food system. Projects in healthy eating & active living build stronger communities!

See below to learn more about our (Community)Built Projects. 


Mobile Produce Stand (The MPS) 

The Mobile Produce Stand (MPS) is Colorado Springs' only bike-able, collapsible, fresh food produce stand. The chief design/builder was woodworker Dan Crossey.

In addition to serving as a merchandise table, the MPS is a pilot initiative alongside our Fresh Food Connect program, and is used for donation-based farmers markets. 


Big, Awesome Table  (The BAT)

The Big, Awesome Table (The BAT) is a 24 ft. long picnic table with benches that collapses upon a bike trailer. It is made from 90% upcycled materials. Our design is inspired by Amanda Loveleeā€™s Really Big Table in St. Paul, MN. The chief design/builder was Dan Crossey.

The BAT is a center-piece for place-making in Colorado Springs, and has served as a community dining table for organizations ranging from CSFR to Concrete Couch & Food Not Bombs. 

The BAT is available for any community-oriented event, free of charge. Please reach out to us if your organization would like to use it: info@coloradospringsfoodrescue.org.

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