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2017 Annual Report

2017 was a massive year for us at CSFR. Read all about it, and how you can get involved! 

CSFR is excited to announce that we have finalized our 2018-2020 Strategic Plan. 

CSFR was built upon the initial project of rescuing surplus healthy food, of which we have redistributed nearly $3 million worth to 30+ partners since our formation in the fall of 2013.

For 4 years, we have used food as a means to drive neighborhood-based change, but it is time to embolden new, innovative tactics and build our partnerships. It is on this note that we're honored to present CULTIVATE 2020, our three year strategic plan. The plan highlights a three-year strategy for CSFR’s integration of low-overhead/high-impact food distribution and education operations heretofore with best practices in local food production and sustainable community development.

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