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 Landfills are a dead-end. Composting is the regenerative alternative.

Soil Cycle makes composting convenient. Think of us as your third bin: you’ve got a trash can for garbage; a recycling bin for recyclables; and, now, a new set-up for your compostables. Unlike your trash/recycle service, Soil Cycle keeps it local, using electric cargo bikes to haul food scraps from homes, businesses and drop-off stations to a network of urban agricultural sites, where we operate small-scale composting systems in collaboration with resident growers (and anyone else who wants to spend a day in the dirt for a good cause.)

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The end-product is rich, earthy compost — otherwise known as “black gold.” Some comes back to you for personal use (think: happy houseplants, gardening escapades or water-wise landscaping). Or, donate your compost kickback to a local garden project that feeds and inspires. Partners use the black gold to grow fresh, healthy food for their families, neighbors and donation via Fresh Food Connect — a program of CSFR that freely distributes locally-grown produce to families in food deserts.

This hyper-local, participatory approach maximizes the health benefits of composting — for people and planet — right here in our proverbial backyard. What’s so stinky about that?

Here’s how you can connect:

Residential and light commercial. Available downtown.

Find a Scrap Drop near you.

Education for DIY composting

Photo by Doug Beckers, via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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