There's a missing link in our local food system that lies between the ultimate disposal and the original production of food, in the messy process that returns life to the soil, so the soil can provide an abundant harvest for us to eat. Composting is like recycling for but instead of metal or plastic, we're talking about organic material, including everyday stuff like food waste. The end-product of composting is compost - the rich soil amendment that farmers, gardeners and growers can't get enough of. They call it black gold.


Some DIYers compost their own food waste, but for most of us, composting is too big a hassle to fit into our lives. That's where Soil Cycle comes in. Now, you can separate your organic materials just like recycling, and we'll do the dirty work.

That's the service we provide: composting conveniently.


Wait, why?

Americans waste so much food. A quarter of your weekly groceries. Over a year, that amount of food weighs the same as three refrigerators, for the average American household. Plus, putting organic material into the trash stream isn't sustainable. Sealed in a landfill, it's deprived of the oxygen it needs to break down naturally, so instead it rots, emitting tons of methane — a greenhouse gas 25% more potent than carbon dioxide.


Here in the Rocky Mountain West, we’re in a drought so persistent that scientists are calling it “desertification” — a significant threat to biodiversity, water security and food security. Regenerative practices, like recycling the nutrients of food waste back into the soil, can build up water retention, microbial life and fertility to the soil while also pulling carbon out of the atmosphere for storage in a natural sink.


Plus, richer soil yields richer harvests which yields richer bellies and communities. In other words, the soil feeds us, so let’s…

Starve the Landfill and Feed Ourselves.

Ok, how?

Soil Cycle offers a residential collection service that does all your composting — from collection to processing to distributing. We’re a zero-emissions hauler, meaning instead of a big, stinking diesel truck, we use two-wheels, bike lanes and some sweat to get around. Right now, we just serve the residential sector, but we’re exploring other needs too. If you’re thinking about a setting that’s anything other than a single-family, duplex or small apartment setting, get in touch to start a conversation.

Alright, here’s the deal:

Weekly pickups

You get:

  • Your choice of setup: just a 5-gallon bucket (you line it with a paper grocery bag) OR 3-gallon ventilated countertop basket + roll of compostable bags (you re-up on bags thereafter, but we can supply).

  • An introduction to composting, including a stick-on reference for those times when you’re wondering “can I compost this?”

  • Pickups every Tuesday. What that means is, a member of the Soil Cycle team bikes to your house, collects your food scraps and transports it to a local farm or garden in our network. There, we process the material into compost, sharing the goods back with you and the growers who helped us make it. Our partners, including the Mid Shooks Run Community Garden, then donate some of their produce to CSFR’s Fresh Food Connect — a high-impact anti-hunger program that freely distributes homegrown food to families and communities that experience a shortage of healthy options.

As a social enterprise of Colorado Springs Food Rescue (CSFR), Soil Cycle charges a fee-for-service. It’s priced on a sliding scale, because it’s important to us that composting be available to everyone. That said, we do have costs in materials, labor and administration, so our asking price is $32/month.

Our residential program is growing so rapidly that we’re running a waitlist, with the next batch of members due to start in March.

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