Soil Cycle, how-to:

Step One: First, sign-up if you haven’t already.

Step Two: A composting kit will magically appear on your doorstep. It’s a 4-piece kit, including: a ventilated basket; a bucket with a lid; a roll of compostable bags; and a guide to do’s-and-don’t’s, which can also be found online here.


Step Three: Place the black basket on your countertop or wherever is most accessible and convenient, then line it with a compostable bag. Place the do’s and don’t’s somewhere visible, like your fridge or a cabinet. Show all members of your household where these are — composting works best when everyone’s on the same page


Step Four: Place the bucket on your porch, a stoop or along your front path — wherever’s both convenient for you and accessible from the street. Remember, our bikers don’t want to go on a treasure hunt for your bucket, so choose a place that’s visible then keep it consistent.


Step Five: This one’s easy. Cook and eat! (Bonus points for talking to your spouse, kids, roommate, dog or imaginary friend about where that food comes from and how it got to be on your plate.)

Step Six: Fill your basket with food waste. Please note: for regulatory and other reasons, Soil Cycle only accepts pre-consumer waste, i.e., any waste generated from preparing a meal, and not post-consumer waste, i.e., any waste leftover on your plate after you’ve eaten. Reference the do’s and don’t’s for a refresher on other acceptable materials. Please remove any inorganic materials, like rubber bands, twisty ties, staples and other packaging. All of that stuff is considered contamination which we filter out using screens and meticulous picking. So, suffice it to say, it’s better to prevent contamination in the first place. We also love when you “chop before you toss.” The smaller the particle size, the faster it breaks down, so chopping up your scraps hastens their return to the soil. No need to mince — just hack away.

Step Seven: When that compostable bag gets filled, just tie it off, take it out to the bucket and put a new liner in the basket.

Step Eight: Live your life. Every Tuesday, we’ll bike to your place, empty your bucket and give it a spot clean. Please note: using the compostable bags really helps us clean effectively and efficiently. If you don’t use them, you can clean your bucket.

Step Nine: Feel good about playing your part in a sustainable local food system. It’s infectious!

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