Let’s cultivate a healthy, equitable food system



Food Access

Using a "direct redistribution" model, we transport surplus healthy foods from local supermarkets, backyard gardens and cafeterias to 20+ non-profit and community-based grocery programs. CSFR engages an expansive network of volunteers and neighborhood partners to co-create healthy food access programs, with over a million meals redistributed since 2015.

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Food Education

We believe that food insecurity is not separate from the context of our wider food system. Through project-based youth internships/employment, school-based food rescue programs, & events, we aim to foster youth leaders in food innovation and promoters of food equity in our community. Youth-led projects have ranged from community cookbooks to the management of healthy food distribution programs.


Food Production

Currently, over 95% of the food we eat comes from outside our community. And yet existing land is way under-utilized when it comes to growing our own food. That's why we redistribute healthy produce from overgrown gardens into our grocery programs and return the nutrients from household food waste back into the soil. In 2019, we’ll be digging into more intensive food production with our most ambitious project yet: developing the city’s first neighborhood food center!

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