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CSFR is about to put down some serious roots.!

CSFR has partnered with the Hillside neighborhood since October 2016 in the development of community-driven fresh food distribution programs. The first program began at Relevant Word Ministries in February 2017, in which community members created a weekly no-cost grocery program entitled “The Hillside Hub”. In December 2017 CSFR moved into the newly created Helen Hunt Campus alongside various nonprofit partners. CSFR’s 1,000 ft. Hillside space serves as a venue for administrative offices, community engagement events, educational workshops, a weekly no-cost grocery program, & a SNAP-supported Local Food Buying Club program.

Concurrently to aforementioned programming, The Legacy Institute, a community development foundation, informed CSFR of their ownership of a 3.47 acre vacant parcel of land located directly adjacent to Relevant Word Ministries. On August 28th 2018, after nearly two years of neighborhood engagement, pilot programs, and the creation of a resident advisory committee, CSFR acquired the property as an in-kind donation for the purpose of expanding “The Hillside Hub” vision into a neighborhood food center. The mission of the Hillside Hub is to cultivate a community-operated space where neighbors grow, cook, learn about, access, and advocate for fresh food.

Stay tuned for more information!

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