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Illustration by Abby Stein

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Sign-up below to gain access to Soil Cycle’s first drop-off station, located at the Westside Community Center at 1628 W Bijou St. For the time being, only residents outside our pickup service territory are eligible for the dropoff program.

For $12/mo, you’ll get:

  • Kitchen basket for collecting food scraps

  • “Can I compost this?” card

  • Code to access drop-off station

  • Unlimited drop-offs, at any time

  • Free entry to composting workshop

  • Annual compost kickback

Soil Cycle will service the station — collect, clean and sort for contamination — and compost the food scraps in partnership with the Westside Community Garden where gardeners will use the finished compost to grow fresh food for the community. That’s food, full-circle!

The first 50 sign-ups will get a free bunch o’ veggies from the Westside Community Garden’s summer farm stand. Delicious and nutritious!

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