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Purple points: Scrap Stations planned for summer 2019.

Purple points: Scrap Stations planned for summer 2019.

Due to demand, the dropoff program is currently running a waitlist. Sign-up below to get notified about availability starting in August.

A new way to compost conveniently: Just save your food scraps from the trash and dropoff anytime at the Scrap Drop nearest you. Soil Cycle does the dirty work, collecting and composting the scraps at the Westside Community Garden and the Hillside Hub, where compost replenishes the soil that grows food to feed the community. That’s food, full-circle!

For $12/mo, members get:

  • “Can I compost this?” card

  • Code to access drop-off station

  • Unlimited drop-offs, at any time

  • Free entry to composting workshop

  • Seasonal compost or veggie kickback

Current location: the Westside Community Center at 1628 W Bijou St.

Next location: Ivywild School at 1604 S Cascade Ave.

Future location: Hillside Food Hub at 1090 S Institute.

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Illustration by Abby Stein


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