Seeds -  $10-20 / month

By being a Seeds friend of CSFR, you are paying forward the equivalent of 40 - 80 fresh meals to our community each month! 

The Perks:  A CSFR T-Shirt and access to our quarterly "Friends of CSFR" Cooperative Cookbook.

Sprouts - $25-40 / month

As a Sprout friend of CSFR, you can help us build our Full Circle Food Teamin which youth build leadership development and first-hand community-building skills. 

The Perks:  All the above + an extremely fashionable CSFR tote bag.

Blossoms - $50 - 75 / month

As a Sprout friend of CSFR, you can help us continue rescuing 30,000 pounds of fresh food each month! 

The Perks:  All the above + discounts to select CSFR events.

The Harvest Circle - $100 + /month

By becoming a part of the Harvest Circle, you are actively making an investment in the future of Colorado Springs' food system. For each month that you contribute, you are helping to underwrite the costs of a community-driven grocery program. These programs are about more than just healthy food access; they are venues of community-building, youth development and innovation. Join us in fostering collaborative, resident-driven solutions to food insecurity. 

The Perks:  All the above + supreme appreciation

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